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Pittsford Laser Spa

Laser Hair Removal:

Nowadays finding a place that really cares about removing the unwanted hair on your body can be difficult in Pittsford, New York. Well it just got a lot easier since Joe and Cheryl Parisi have opened the Pittsford Laser Spa in Pittsford, New York. They also are the proud owners of the Buffalo Laser Spa in Buffalo, New York. They bring over 25 years of experience in the field of permanent hair removal. This is more experience and know-how than 99.9% of the laser companies in the world. Needless to say Joe and Cheryl really know how to get you the look you deserve.

At the Pittsford Laser Spa you will not only find the finest and most skilled technicians around but you will also see them using the latest technology available to help you get rid of that unwanted hair. The Pittsford Laser Spa uses the Candela GentleMAX true laser technology. Candela is the leader in laser hair removal technology across the globe. The Candela GentleMAX combines two of Candela’s best lasers, the GentleLASE and the GentleYAG. The reason they use Candela’s GentleMAX is that is works on all skin types, even tanned skin and hair colors and provides the largest coverage area at 18mm’s meaning that your actual sessions will be even quicker since the standard laser only covers an area of 9mm.

Others may try to tell you that Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy is the best way to go but they are wrong. IPL works with controlled flashes of light that heats the melanin beneath the skin to temporarily stop hair growth. IPL is an ongoing hair removal program that needs to be followed up every four to six weeks, as the hair will grow back. During the IPL treatments a glass prism is placed on your skin and you will feel pain as the procedure is carried out. Side effects of IPL include redness of the skin, blisters, hyperpigmentation, infection, bleeding and scarring.

Laser Hair Removal in Pittsford does not have any negative side effects. The Candela GentleMAX allows for the safest and quickest means to remove the unwanted hair from your body. Most sessions only last a few minutes some even less than that. An upper lip for example will take about 45 seconds. Most clients only need about five sessions on average to become hair free. This means that you can be hair free in less than six months. The laser treatment is permanent so no hair will grow back in that area.

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