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Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best candidates for laser hair removal and how does the procedure work?

Laser Hair Removal works with a light that is shined through the skin and into the follicle. It eradicates the hair follicle making it no longer able to produce new hairs. The laser is attracted to the pigment or coloring that is found in the hair. The procedure is not invasive so you do not have to worry about needles or bandages.

Laser Hair Removal like electrolysis requires several visits to complete the treatment. Sessions with Laser Hair Removal are short some lasting under a minute. It all depends upon the area you are having treated. Larger areas such as your back or legs will take longer. Since most of the sessions are short many people chose to have more than one area treated.

With the latest advancements in Laser Hair Removal, almost anyone can have this treatment. Since it was introduced and approved by the FDA in the 1990’s the number of lasers has greatly increased. Each laser is for a particular color of skin. Most people can be treated with this method. The best way to find out is to come in for a complimentary consultation.

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What is the difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis? Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser Hair Removal and electrolysis differ on many fronts. With Laser Hair Removal sessions are short usually under 15 minutes. With electrolysis even small areas such as the underarms take over 30 minutes. With Laser Hair Removal you will need around six visits to complete the treatment, with two to eight sessions being the norm. With electrolysis you will need a minimum of 15 sessions with 15 to 30 being considered the norm. It also takes over 18 months to complete treatments with electrolysis. With Laser Hair Removal most people are done in less than six months.

Electrolysis is also invasive. During the procedure a small needle is inserted into the skin over and over directly into the hair follicle. This causes pain and discomfort. Laser Hair Removal is not invasive and simply involves the use of a hand held want that is held up to your skin.

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How does the Candela GentleLASE® differ from other lasers?

The GentleLASE® is a special laser used to quickly get rid of unwanted hair. It is different from most lasers in that it can cover a larger area with one burst. This cuts down on treatment times. This revolutionary laser also offers a patented cooling device that is controlled by a computer, so no human error and cool comfortable skin. It offers technicians a laser that is easier to use and more comfortable to the client.

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Which areas can be treated?

With our special lasers we can treat all parts on the body from small to large areas. We can treat your face, chest, arms, back, stomach, legs, pubic area and feet. No matter where you have unwanted hair we can take care of it for you.

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What preparation is needed before a laser treatment?

Before your first sessions it is important for you to avoid waxing for six weeks. This is also the case with the use of tweezers. The laser needs to be able to identify the hair follicle. During this time period shaving is acceptable. If you are prone to nervousness you should avoid caffeine for 24 hours before your session. On the day of your treatment you should shave. By shaving the lasers will be able to locate the follicles.

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What will I look like after the treatment? Will there be any side effects?

After your treatment you should be ready to go back to work or go on with your day. In terms of hair removal you will notice some hairs falling out during or directly after the treatment. This trend will continue for about 21 days, just when it is about time for you to schedule your next appointment.

Rare after effects include redness in the area that was treated. If you were exposed to the sun without sunscreen you may also notice a skin discoloration.

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What should I avoid after treatment?

Immediately following your treatment and for two weeks after your sessions you should avoid unprotected sun exposure. If you have to go out into the sun then you will need to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Also remember not to use waxing or tweezing as a way to remove hair as you need to refrain from these methods for six weeks prior to a session. In the meantime you should shave to get rid of this remaining hair.

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How much does laser hair removal cost?

The total cost of Laser Hair Removal varies depending upon which body parts you are having treated and how many sessions you end up needing. Remember most people need between two and eight sessions. If you think about it Laser Hair Removal is a good investment. Think about all the money you spend on temporary hair removal methods like razors and shaving cream or waxing needs. Our rates can be as low as $70 per session. In order to find out what it will cost you, come in for a free consultation and we can help by giving you our rates. We also offer discounts for having more than one area treated. We accept credit cards as well and also have a financing program for our clients.

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Are there any adverse effects from the treatment? Are there any individuals who cannot be treatment?

Prior to the FDA’s approval of Laser Hair Removal, thousands of tests were run on individuals and many different treatment locations to prove the effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal. Since that time hundreds of thousands of clients across the country have learned first hand what Laser Hair Removal is all about.

Luckily, side effects from Laser Hair Removal are rare. Occasionally though some clients have irritated skin following the procedure. This will be short-lived lasting less than a day in most cases. Another rare side effect is a change in the color of the skin. This can be caused by not adhering to the warnings of staying out of the sun two weeks before and two weeks after your session. Most of the time

Almost everyone can be treated with Laser Hair Removal. A few exceptions to this rule include anyone who has recently tanned using artificial or natural methods. Also, anyone with very dark skin needs to have a consultation to see if Laser Hair Removal will work for them.

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How do I get started?

You can get started by contacting Pittsford Laser Spa today. If you want to see if you're a candidate for laser hair removal fill out our free laser hair removal consultation. You can call, email or stop in to learn more about permanent hair removal with state-of-the-art lasers. Come in today while we are offering a free consultation. We are located at 3300 Monroe Avenue, Suite 201, Pittsford New York 14618. Phone: 585-310-1475.

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